D Bar Photography, Otis Phillips (Dunscon) resides in Cundiyo, New Mexico. I am a self-taught photographer, although I have worked under distinguished photographers as a student. I have been in photography for more than 47 years. My focus has always been on the Cowboy Way and I have spent many hours attempting to catch the life of the true cowboy, emphasizing their work, play, trail life, chuck, and humor. You will find me wandering around gatherings, symposiums, and ranches attempting to catch a life style many of us know about but seldom experience. I am also a landscape and wildlife artist in pursuit of nature’s ways.

My grandfather’s brand was recorded in Armstrong County, Texas many years ago. It is my privilege to continue this brand, cowboy life, culture, and traditional values the best way I know how.

There are still places in the American Southwest where one can go to escape life in the present day and take a step back in time to the true legacy of the West. There are men, women, and families who keep this tradition living. Every day they work hard at it. I admire them for they are my inspiration. They are the ones who will continue the heritage of the American West.

We have shown our work in Ruidoso, New Mexico; Lubbock, Texas and Wichita Falls, Texas at the Cowboy Symposiums. We received a second place award in Photography at Cowboy True.

The photographs are not enhanced or imposed with special effects. They are true to life experiences that happened in front of the lens. The images are presented on canvas, poster prints and metal.